MBM Destroyit 4004 Cross Cut Shredder Review

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The MBM Destroyit 4004 Cross cut Paper Shredder is shredding large volumes of material every day developed. Here are some strengths and weaknesses of the 4004 MBM Destroyit paper shredder. The Destroyit 4004 Cross Cut is somewhat unique machine. For approximately two 5.4 Hp, very powerful engine to go as far as fragmentation, and reportedly running at 48 meters per minute, which is also quite high. The unique real with 2-speed function automatically come. It has the "power" mode when shredding large volumes of paper in a single pass, and "speed mode for light load destroy us. Not sure what more quickly through the stack of paper (loose or speed), but we were on the 4004 can handle impressed .

Separation of 4004 to shred 40 sheets of paper per pass, and we find that it is done in a similar capacity without much trouble. It is necessary to provide a fan blade from the entire width of the paper, over there, but it's a small quibble. With all the helicopters, comment sheet capacity depends on the power and weight of paper after, so 40 is probably the best case with the 4004 cross cut, and this is an impressive achievement. The 4004 Cross Cut destroy documents in a cross pattern (like its name) and provide security level 3 This is a high level of security and FACTA compliant, which means that you are the legal requirements for the destruction of documents, the type of information identity thieves are often used to commit their crimes mentioned.

Destroyit 4004 Cross Cut operation is a simple task. There is only one switch that controls all functions, so that was never a question about what mode the device, an electronic eye on the opening of the neck allows the user to select ON / OFF mode, you can just take you automatically place the paper in removed fort. Feed 16-inch to open a larger sheet of computer printout. Although there is no oversupply of high-tech security features, Destroyit 4004 Cross Cut a little. There will be a reverse mode when the engine was eating too much paper, and if a paper jam from occurring, the motor stops automatically. There are also open to off in terms of the closet door, and when the bin is full, cut to ensure the safe operation of the paper shredder. We like the small touches that comfort factor for the shredder, including those mounted on wheels, and to collect big bags and rolls for easy emptying added.

The 4004 Cross Cut Shredder is not the quietest we've ever, so it may be better held in a separate room in a central location in your office. There is an optional sound reduction cover for split 4004, but we do not have a chance to check it out yet. There was recently impressed with the newer MBM "Safety Protection System", 4004 seems almost naked sectional machine without it (although we still rate it as a very safe machine.) If you want the same capacity and advanced security features, see the 4002 or newer 4005 line Destroyit shredder.

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