Reasons to Check Out the Intimus S14.95 Industrial Cross Cut Shredder

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Intimus S14.95 is a professional paper cross cut shredder paper shredder is the greatest job, day after day to handle. Here are some great reasons why you now Intimus S14.95 Shredder.

The Intimus S14.95 is an industrial shredder center, with a handy belt system that is fast and functional work. Simply place the item you want to shred the tape and let the Shredder Intimus S14.95 do the rest. This is the perfect machine for shredding a large volume environment. This is a great system for offices, hospitals and public buildings. The Intimus S14.95 Shredder is equipped with a remarkable record of rowing system that can process quickly and easily, both coarse and fine paper, attitudes to work together with the carrier, which is also the work of shredding the largest paper in an instant.

With extra-wide 17-inch opening its feed is Intimus S14.95 Shredder machine that not only allows you to easily rip all the most common paper sizes (such as a sheet of letter size and legal) you can use the shredding machine large stack of paper size custom as computer paper green bar mold and tabloid format. The Intimus S14.95 Shredder takes security very seriously, by operating the key locking system that you can control who uses the machine, ensuring that no shredder, which is not allowed to push to do so. There is also a separate switch so that you turn off the engine immediately if you need, and sound an alarm when the tank is full and must be preserved. All back to normal function when the tank is emptied and the door closed.

Shredder Intimus S14.95 All system functions are controlled by programmable logic, so that you (or maintenance personnel) can set the machine to the right speed and capacity that you want to work there. The dining table at the front of Shredder Intimus S14.95 large and airy. This is the perfect design to ensure that the diet and the loading process is controlled, neat and easily accessible and safe. There's even enough room for the "assembly line" using a two-man feed to increase your productivity even more.

The Intimus S14.95 cut paper shredder is made of solid steel, which makes it easy for simple maintenance such as oil cutting heads are available. Own knife forged from high quality steel, durable and offer the highest average power is present everywhere. The large 53 gallon tank has a hinged door for easy emptying and maintenance, as well as large capacity means you minimize downtime by emptying shredder. To facilitate moving the machine, Intimus S14.95 Shredder on special high-performance vehicles on wheels and specially designed to fit through the doors in standard sizes.

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